How Unofficial Pages Can Affect Your Brand… Seriously

We regularly see a lot of unofficial brand pages in Facebook. Isn’t it sad how those pages are scattered around and left unattended? It’s a clutter we’re not really fond of.

We looked into the possible reasons why there are many unofficial FB brand pages, and here’s what we came up with.

1. An employee thought it would be cool to initiate the page, so he made one. Then he left the page unattended for one reason or another. Poof! There goes your unofficial page. (And, since you cannot really trace the admin of the page, you wouldn’t know who created it unless the person tells you.)

2. One customer wants to tag you in a certain post, but you don’t have a page. So, he made one for you. Isn’t that great? Once the purpose of your page (to be tagged) was achieved, it was left alone. There goes another unofficial page for you.

3. One customer is really mad at you for his bad experience at your restaurant. He noticed that you don’t have a FB page so he creates one for you. He used the page to share his rants and gather support from other people. He wants your attention so bad that he made other people like and share the page. There goes another unofficial page with contents that are not helpful for your brand.


What are the effects of having an unofficial page? 

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1. You are prone to negative insights/comments that audience, who love you and advocate for your brand, can read when they search you on Facebook. Very negative conversion.
2. You don’t have control over those pages. You may report them to Facebook, but that would take time before there’s any result.
3. If that unofficial page manages to grow its fan base, it would most likely be due to your products/services weaknesses. On the extreme side, you may end up trending in the internet in a negative way.


Will an official page kill all the unofficial ones? NO! But having and maintaining one greatly reduces the chance of negative publicity. 


So, what are the advantages of being having an official page?

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1. When your fans search for you in Facebook, the page with the highest activity and fans is usually the first result. Therefore, lessening the chance of the other pages to be noticed. Your goal: To be that number 1 page in the search results so you can claim the title of being the official!
2. You have all the control on your official fan page. You can even block people who try to tarnish brand’s online reputation.
3. Your page growth will be due to your efforts, and you can easily monitor and measure the outcome to make the results more meaningful to your company.


Start weeding out through the unofficial pages by creating your official Facebook page now.