Which Is Better: Facebook VS LinkedIn?

Which one between these two social networks is more effective for marketing your business online?

Facebook and LinkedIn are social network sites that are very useful to businesses, particularly for promotions and marketing. These sites are great for endorsing your brand online while on a tight budget. If you want to know more about how to make the most out of these social media sites, we found a great article from Dara Creative and summed up the points we think could be helpful.

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Facebook: More casual social networking site. This platform works best if you target consumers. It’s an interactive environment that allows you to share and highlight a variety of content for your brand.

  • Make sure that the design of your cover image is attractive, in line with your brand strategy, and follows Facebook rules.
  • Your posts need to delight and inspire fans rather than constantly giving the ‘hard sell’. Develop messages with a sense of humor and make it fun for you and your fans!
  • Ask questions/recommendations – stimulate interaction and watch your engagement rate grow as the comments, shares and likes roll in!
  • Regularly update your page with useful information and links which you can apply to your own page.


Linkedin: More formal and caters to professionals. This platform is good for targeting businesses. Majority of the people in this social network are professionals looking for other people they can do business with.

  • Ask for recommendations from previous customers.
  • Include a link in your email signature
  • Add a ‘Follow Company’ button to your website – continue to build followers by letting visitors to your website connect to you on LinkedIn.
  • Add a link to your blog and use LinkedIn as a way to drive traffic to your website and keep your followers up to date.
  • Give something back to your followers, post useful news and information about things happening in your industry as well your own company updates, job postings and events. Monitor any replies and thank people for their comments and shares.
  • Join groups and get involved in discussions, you can subtly lead people back to your company page to keep increasing those follower numbers.


Do you have other concepts about Facebook and LinkedIn?  Share them with us in our comments below. 


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