Why Is Facebook Engagement Important

Social media content monitoring and social media engagement are crucial steps of social media marketing. By doing this, you can gain more comments and interaction from your audience. And more interaction means higher chance of going viral. Aside from that, being active in Facebook is a good way of building up your brand online, and reaching out to a wider audience. With this, your potential customers would also increase, along with your revenue.


facebook engagement


Different ways of engaging with Facebook fans:

1. Share content that is unusual, interesting, informational, or appeals to the emotion of your fans
You need not fill your timeline with content about your company history, products or services. Try to be creative and share other content that could be related to your company or industry. If you’re a chemical manufacturing company, you can share interesting trivia about how the chemical you manufacture is used for making everyday items.

2. Offer incentives for Likes
Give something in return. Promote your Facebook page by creating offers that would motivate more people to LIKE your page. One way of doing this is by providing a free item or giving discounts to every person who likes the page.

3. Ask open-ended questions
By asking people open-ended questions, you start a conversation with your fans and instantly create a community that is willing to contribute more to discussion. Ask questions that encourage people to talk so it would be much easier for your content to go viral.

4. Improve your CTAs
A post without a call-to-action is incomplete and ineffective. If you’re going to post content in social media, make the most out of it by leading them to a conversion point (be it a download, a video you’d like them to see, or a picture that you want them to share).


Do you have other ways on effective Facebook engagement? Share them with us in our comments below.