Why Replying Fast is Important in Facebook Engagement?

So you constantly reply to fan comments in your Facebook page. You also get replies every once in a while, but you think it’s not enough. You may be wondering why you don’t get as much replies as you expect. Did you ever consider if you’re responding to them fast enough to engage in a conversation?

An important part of Facebook Engagement is the reply speed of your page manager. By replying fast, you make sure that the conversation between you and your fans keeps on going. This lets the fans know that they’re being heard. In turn consumer-brand relationship strengthens.

*Tip: A reply should be less than an hour from the comment, else, conversation will be lost.


Factors in Replying 

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1. Content

Follow this RSRQ model in making a good reply:
(a) RewardLight compliment for their responses
(b) StatementA short neutral statement on the topic of conversation
(c) ReflectionReflecting on the topic of the conversation and steering it to your top topics
(d) QuestionAsking a question to continue the conversation

Fan: I really want to start my own business in the future.
(a) That’s nice! I would also like to have my own business someday.
(b)Lately, I watched an inspirational movie about a man trying everything to set up his own business.
(c) I can share the movie with you if you want.
(d) But do you like inspirational movies as well?


2. Reply Time and Speed

The first response indicates interest since it starts the whole user-owner interaction. So when you respond quickly, it makes the fans feel that you are interested in what they say, and that you care about them.


3. Tone

The tone of the reply can greatly affect the response of the fan, if they would even reply to you. If you reply with a good tone, people would most likely reply to you with a good tone as well.

*Tip: empathy or a smile :)


4 R’s of Facebook Engagement

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1. Remember – Start Facebook engagement
2. Review – Make RSRQ / content of reply
3. Reply – Enter the conversation
4. Rejoice – Success engagement


Do you have other ways on effective Facebook engagement? Share them with us in our comments below.